Friday, April 18, 2014

holy hell! they bloody revive it, yet again. everyone run for your life.

just a sucky post headline to spice it up. move along now people, there's nothing to see here.. -fin-

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i totally forgot that i own a blog site.. duh!... oh well, here's an entry for ya..

"i heard people say, that when a man/woman quit his job, it was mainly due to;-
1. sucky boss
2. better pay
3. lousy working environment
4. stressful job scope
5. got their dream job
6. sum other stuff i dont know bout

for me, i'm gonna quit because i hate my team members and could no longer work with them. i just cant tolerate with idiots anymore. its impossible hard with idiots as your co-workers.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

its been a tough year without internet.

as the title stated, its been one tough year without internet..but its finally over. got my streamyx now and i am pretty much excited going through my torrent again. frakk yeah!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

go ZERO go!

The Best Headlines You Ever Read

Bush Found Guilty Of War Crimes
Geneva- Former President of the United States George Bush was convicted by an international tribunal Monday morning of crimes against humanity and mass genocide. He is to be sentenced later this year for his crimes in Iraq and recently discovered role in the 9-11 attacks. “Even though we have not seen one in years, the possibility of a firing squad has not yet been ruled out…”

Internet Neutrality Laws Passed
Washington- A new amendment was passed in a majority vote by Congress early this morning guaranteeing the neutrality of the World Wide Web. Investigations were also announced into the dealings of certain large internet service providers, including AOL and MSN. In addition to net neutrality, the amendment also states the distribution of spyware is to be considered a serious offense that allows for the offenders to spend prison time getting ass raped…

File Sharing Deemed Legal By Supreme Court
Washington- In a unanimous vote last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of internet users everywhere in their class action lawsuit against the MPAA and the RIAA. An unprecedented $200 billion fine was levied upon the entertainment industry for violating invasion of privacy laws. Despite the ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in this case, cocaine use amongst rock stars this weekend was not affected…

Bill O’Reilly Arrested On Crack, Child Pornography Charges
Colorado- According to his lawyers, the police roughed up the popular right wing television personality when he was arrested on charges of child pornography and possession of crack near downtown Denver Friday night. “There was an unwarranted full body cavity search and my client was repeatedly tasered,” said the high profile attorney outside of the courtroom Monday morning. According to the police, O’Reilly was hyped up on crack and threatening them while masturbating in the middle of a busy street…

Rare Plant Found In Rainforest That Cures Everything
Brazil- A team of scientists have confirmed that a rare psychedelic herb found growing wild in the rainforests of southern Brazil is indeed the miracle drug it has been called in the press as of late. The herb creates a LSD-like high when smoked and causes human cells to regenerate and repair themselves. The first batch of cancer patients began their trips early this morning…

Marijuana Legalized Worldwide
Geneva- In a stunning move Friday at a special session called by the United Nations, governments all over the world agreed unanimously to legalize the cultivation and sale of the hemp plant. Over the weekend sales brought in more money than all other industries combined and single-handedly repaired the world’s economy. In related news, everyone is stoned…

Science Finds True Origin Of The Universe
Rome- The group of scientists hired by the Vatican to prove the existence of God without a doubt did just the opposite last Thursday when they unveiled irrefutable evidence that the universe was actually created by a rogue group of garden gnomes. “Apparently, everyone was wrong.” One of the scientists was quoted as saying. The Pope was bathing in his Naziness, so he could not be reached for comment…

Superman Thwarts Terror Attack: Cheney Arrested
New York- A plane set to collide with the new World Trade Center was intercepted by the Man of Steel last Wednesday morning. Former disgruntled Vice President Dick Cheney was found to be controlling it remotely from a nearby public restroom. He was led away in handcuffs by FBI agents after getting slapped like a bitch in front of everyone by Superman…

First Contact Made: Aliens Bring Better Gaming Technology
Florida- NASA has announced early this morning that three astronauts made contact with an alien species last Tuesday while doing routine repairs on the international space station. “Their handheld technology was awesome,” reported one of the astronauts, “They had a gaming network running through the entire galaxy. When you get shot in the game, it actually hurts!” The purpose of the contact was apparently to announce a release date for their own gaming system to compete with Microsoft and Sony just before Christmas…

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

anyone got a light! i am lost...

felt so tired. been working for straight 12 hours shift for 3 days. i feel like so many things left undone and i got to get it done as soon as possible. actually those work is intentionaly created to get myself busy so i wont get bored. shift work hours sure does bore me easily...
Heres goes the list for those interested to know:-
  • installed RH9.0 on VMWARE. i guess its been 5 month since i touch Linux. still figuring out what to do though!!!. maybe i'll compile MySQL just for the fun of it. rofl!
  • just finished up Rogue Trooper PC games. good game, too short of playtime. still awaiting for Titan Quest which is dubbed as Diablo 3. based on the screenshot and reviews... promising results.
  • managed to install my first WSUS, yeah!!!. not fully functional due to some sucky GPO setting. hmm, guess now i have to learn about Windows GPO and DC stuff..... how joy ;P. thankful to Suresh from ITC Bangalore for helping me out. shout to you bro !!!
  • what else?. got a new online buddies (user with problem in my company actually =) ). promised Cyprus and South Africa techies to solve their problem on Sygate installation. huhu, i am so smart now. another ROFL for me!!!.
  • got 2 spare pc at home that still waiting for PSU. due to lack of money, guess i'll have to wait for salary day to get work on them though. maybe i can testout Windows Vista Beta 2 once i get those pc running. Good thing is, i'm back in being rich with PC at home now... 2 AMD, 1 Intel and 1 Centrino notebook. sweet. (geek !!!)

guess thats it. still frustrated from not being able to go to mySEQ'nian reunion dinner. why! why! why!.... damn i miss those guys. for now, i need more sleep and sleep. zzzZZZ.

tunes of the week : the fray, the sounds (maja ur r0ck!), anti-flag

Sunday, June 25, 2006

ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise.

While playing COD2, i wonder how many people died in vain during WW1 and WW2. Heck, i thought that was the worst ever recorded death in human civilization. But i was wrong, there is something even worst than that. It was the Black Death.

During 1347 till 1352, total number of Europe population was between 1000 to 1352. 25 million people died within 5 years in which equveilant to one-third of Europe. Guess who cause it ... flea !!! Some serious shit there, i tell ya'. Do kindly browse for more info about it. And you thought history is lame, guess again =)

another great community service provided from tr00wa!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

dont wake me i plan on sleeping in ...

.. boy oh boy. last week was troublesome/depressing/frustrated. i just revived my windows, which suddenly got BSOD on me due to freakin registry corrupted. luckily manage to recover thanks to this link

last week my loveable PSU blew up for no apparent reason. i guess his time is due!. luckily my sis drop over her laptop, if not what the hell am i suppose to do at night time ? sheeeeshh! so then i began researching on PSU to buy. damn.. that was seriously mind-breaking. seriously folk, it took me 4 days to learn about PSU and on friday morning .. i bought Enermax FMA535 at good 'ol lowyat store. 2x80mm fan, adjustable fan speed, 535 Watt, 2x12V rail. sweeeeeeeetttttttt !!! Oh ya, plus Belkin Surge Protecter too. (yeah yeah.lesson learn...)

at exactly 1:15AM, saturday morning ... the PSU i bought blew up with marvellous display of pure colour.ahhh, the sweet smell of burning transistor. WTF ???. so-called-mister-good-with-pc-and-stuff-aka-security-consultant-aka-technical-guy-smart-ass forgot to change the volt to 230 at the PSU. horaahh for me :P woke up the next day, RMA the stuff, got home, reassemble the PSU and voila... success. i'm not a faggot folks, but during it first boot-up.. its bring tears to my eyes seing my pc is up and operational.

lesson of the year : smart ass do f**ked up sometimes !!!